New Study at SFCompassion:

Developing A Compassionate Mind Training Program for Professional Organizers Working with People with Hoarding Challenges

Recruiting Professional Organizers for Research!

The San Francisco Center for Compassion-Focused Therapies (SFCompassion) and our academic collaborators are conducting a research study examining the psychological challenges and needs among professional organizers who work with individuals with hoarding and cluttering issues. 

This study is funded by the Institute of Challenging Disorganization (ICD), and approved by the IRB of The University of Louisiana Lafayette. Findings of this study will help develop a self-care skills training protocol for professional organizers working with people with hoarding challenges.  

We are looking for

  • professional organizers, 
  • based in the U.S., 
  • in the field of professional organizing for 3 or more years, 
  • with experiences working with 3 or more clients with hoarding behaviors or tendencies in the last 12 months

If you participate in the study, you will

  • fill out questionnaires
  • be interviewed, one-on-one, with our research staff
  • receive a $35 gift card of your choice
  • contribute to research that promotes professional organizers’ well-being and self-care


Interested, have questions? Please contact our research assistant: 

Rea Berg

415 340 1384