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Joyleen Huang

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Joyleen Huang, M.A., Ed.M is a bilingual mental health counselor, fluent in both Mandarin and English. Growing up and having lived in Taiwan, Canada, and the U.S., she is also a bicultural counselor. Joyleen is an advocate for culturally sensitive counseling. She has been trained extensively in developing sensitivity to clients from different cultures and sees clients through the lens of their identities and worldview. Joyleen is also passionate about using principles from Compassion Focused Therapy throughout her practice. She has been astonished by how compassion towards oneself can relieve psychological symptoms. She is committed to practicing compassion as part of her work, and introducing the healing capacities of compassion to her clients.

Education and work experience

Joyleen has received her professional training in North America and Taiwan. She is fully licensed as a counseling psychologist in Taiwan (Lic#002775), and she is currently registered as an associate professional clinical counselor in California (#APCC7639). 

Joyleen studied psychology at the University of British Columbia in Vancouver, BC, and obtained her master’s degrees in psychological counseling from Columbia University, New York. Upon graduation, she worked at the Hamilton Madison House Community Mental Health Agency in New York as an associate counselor, serving the Asian American population. Hoping to bring her expertise to her hometown, Joyleen moved back to Taiwan and worked at the Taipei City Hospital, providing therapy in Mandarin to the local Taiwanese population diagnosed with severe psychiatric disorders in outpatient and inpatient clinics. After obtaining her licensure in Taiwan, she started seeing clients at a community center affiliated with Taipei American school, providing bilingual counseling to international school staff, students, families and the international community in Taipei.

Areas of Expertise

Individual counseling for young adults and adults:

  • Depression
  • Perinatal mental health (including new mother mental health and postpartum depression)
  • Parenting counseling for new parents
  • Anxiety
  • Growing up as immigrants or as a child of immigrants 
  • Acculturation and cultural identity issues
  • New Immigrant adjustment issues
  • Self-esteem
  • Interpersonal relationships issues (friends, romantic partners, family members, etc.)
  • Academic concerns
  • Career exploration
  • Life transition
  • Grief and loss

Words from Joyleen about her approach:

I view mental health as an important part of one’s well-being. One cannot be completely “healthy” without a sound mental state. Difficulties and challenges are part of our lives, and my role as a counselor is to be of assistance to clients and help them work through these difficulties and challenges  when they occur.

As I believe that people have the potential to find the answers to their problems, I help clients get in touch with their inner wisdom that is within them but not always accessible. My work is dedicated towards helping clients gain a better understanding of themselves, their relationships, problems, and personal patterns to feel liberated and lead more meaningful lives.

My theoretical orientation is one that draws from psychodynamic theories, humanistic theories, and existential theories. What this means is that I see problems arising from unfinished business from the past that must be unpacked in the counseling sessions. I provide a safe space for clients to bring in their problems, organize their thoughts and feelings, and discuss anything that comes to mind. I see the power of allowing people to feel heard, understood, accepted, and supported.

Clients have described my style as compassionate,  genuine, trusting, and caring. And throughout the process of dissecting the problem together, they have shared experiences of change, growth, and improved life satisfaction with me.