Individual Therapy is a space for YOU.

Our mission in individual therapy is to hold space and facilitate the processes of the journey of your mind and heart. It has been our greatest joy to witness the inner strength, wisdom, and courage of our clients. It has also been our deepest honor to serve our clients as they embrace and grow with what life has to offer in different seasons.


Clients often start individual psychotherapy with us when they…​​​​​​​​​

  • Find their current life haunted by the shadow of experiences in the past
  • Find it hard to live a full and meaningful life after losing a loved one
  • Find themselves experiencing difficulties feeling connected with people or with themselves
  • Feel like they don’t know who they are and what they can expect from life anymore
  • Find that their life is cluttered up by physical stuff, thoughts, or worries
  • Find it very hard to make decisions in general, or in critical areas of their life
  • Find it challenging to stop (or start) doing something which they’d like to stop (or start) doing
  • Find that anxiety, fear, or worries has gotten the better part of them
  • Find it very hard to trust people and themselves in relationships
  • Feel very worried about what others think of them socially or professionally