Step 1: Contact Us

Click the contact button above to leave us a message and your contact information. You can also text, or call us on 415 234 0310. We will respond shortly to answer any questions you have about the program, and ask you a few screening questions if you are interested in enrolling in the treatment. 


Step 2: Pre-treatment Assessment
We will make an appointment with you to do a pre-treatment assessment online. During this appointment, you will receive a clinical assessment about Hoarding Disorder and its related psychological factors. This will give you an estimate of 1) the severity of your hoarding symptoms, and 2) your degree of challenge on different hoarding-related factors prior to the treatment. You will receive a pre-treatment assessment report, and you are welcomed to ask questions about it. 


Step 3: Join the Group
You will join a treatment group led by our most qualified licensed clinicians specializing in Hoarding. We alternate offering the CBT and the CFT group. Either group is consisted of 20 two-hour weekly sessions. Please note that we require our participants’ commitment to the full treatment. We are frequently asked if one can join both groups. The answer is: Yes, you are welcomed and encouraged to do so, one at a time. 


Step 4: Post-treatment Assessment

At the end of your group participation, you will be guided to do another assessment online. You will be able to compare the results from this assessment with the one you did before treatment began. This will provide you an estimate on how the treatment has helped you. Like the pre-treatment assessment, you will receive a post-treatment assessment report, and you are welcomed to ask questions about it.


The fee for the pre- and post-treatment assessments combined is $75. This will be charged at the end of the pre-treatment assessment. Fee for each of the 20 group sessions in either treatment is $75. This will be charged at the end of each weekly session. We try to provide a limited number of scholarship spots in each group for people who are motivated and really need the financial support to join the group.